9th protest against #TokyoMX, which refuses to apologize for fake reports on anti-base protest in #Okinawa, to be held on March 9th at HQ.

— Thulium (@t_thulium) 2017年3月7日

#Okinawa pref governor claims #Tokyo and #US build new #military base by force. at #humanRights council #japan

— Puddince Mackaroo (@Puddince_Macka) 2017年3月7日

Supporters stage New York rally demanding Japan release Okinawa anti-base activist

— Mike Nogata (@nogata_mike) 2017年3月7日

The US Okinawa militairy base isn't intended to keep Japan safe. Ask the people living on Okinawa, if they feel any safer because of it.

— Mr. Stino (@Stinodepino) 2017年3月6日

JCP Chair Shii delivered a solidarity speech in the sit-in protest against the US base construction in Okinawa's Henoko district (Mar.4).

— Japan Press Weekly (@JapanPress_wky) 2017年3月6日

Anti-US base demo in Okinawa!!
Did u know these ppl r NOT Jpnese, but Korean&Chinese? #ABC #BBC #washingtonpost

— F-117JP (@F117J) 2017年3月5日